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Welcome to EMERALD HEARTS (eng)

Tsuyo Heikin is a red porcupine who has a life as an apprentice of keyblade, but one day he meets Aira Okuby, a yellow bear of whom he finds by chance, and together they decide to go on a search, starting with EMERALD HEARTS Emerald hearts is a comic parody that mixture different types of video games and animes, if you are aware you can see that is a mixture among sonic, dragon ball and kingdom hearts, soon will have more


Animated trailers

First of all if you didn't know Emerald Hearts has 2 animated trailers right now, both are from different chapters so if you want to see it then the link are down here
TsuyoXMR, December 10th, 2018, 3:04 pm 0 comments

Official Art

While you are waiting for the chapter 2 to came, you can see Emerald Hearts Official Art, here in this section
here will be posted all official art of Emerald Hearts, and the best part is that you can participate on it, just send me a message with a link of your fan art, and in just a moment it will appear here, so hope you make a lot of fan art of Emerald Hearts, bye
TsuyoXMR, November 9th, 2018, 5:35 am 0 comments

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